5 Things You Should Know Before You Hire an HVAC Company

As a homeowner at some point your heat or air conditioning systems will breakdown and you will have to get someone in to repair it.  You may not have the first clue who to call but finding an HVAC company doesn’t have to be scary.  That doesn’t mean you should bring into your home the first HVAC contractor that you come across.  Here are 5 things you should know before you hire an HVAC company.

What is the Problem?

You don’t need to be an expert or give a technical explanation of what is happening but you should be able to identify the problem.  Is your system making funny noises or is it not heating/cooling the house the way it should.  Have you had maintenance done on it in the past?  You should know about any maintenance issues that you have had in the past and be able to do simple trouble shooting like making sure the pilot light is lit.  Here is a guide to basic HVAC maintenance that any homeowner can do on their own.

Do A Little Research

Before you hire anyone always check for online reviews or references from past customers.  You can find reviews on Google itself or check with Angie’s List to see if previous customers had a good experience or they felt they were getting ripped off.  A five minute Google search can save you thousands.

Check the Legalities

Always make sure that any contractor that you deal with is fully licensed and insured.  A reputable company will have no problem showing you their paperwork.  Licenses and insurance protect your from liability in the event that something goes wrong.

Shop Around

Companies all have different rates and you should shop around before you commit to anything.  Ask about whether they offer free estimates. Heating and cooling system aren’t cheap to repair and if you need emergency services that will end up costing you more.  They may also offer to do an energy assessment of your home including whether you have proper insulation.

Get Your Estimates in Writing

If you have gotten a few different estimates from contractors then make sure they put them in writing and will stand by them.  There is nothing worse than being quoted one price and then getting the bill for another.  That is another reason to check with several different companies before committing to one.

You can avoid the mistakes of other homeowners by following these simple tips before you hire an HVAC technician.