Is It Time to Replace Your HVAC System?

When extreme temperatures come around in the winter or summer there is nothing quite like coming home and getting comfortable.  A fully functional HVAC system is what makes your home the perfect oasis during the summer heat.  Even the best make and model of HVAC system won’t last forever and at some point you will have to decide is it time to replace your HVAC system.  Here are some of the symptoms to look for in determining whether you can get away with a repair or you actually need your system changed.

  1. It’s getting noisy. As your HVAC system starts to breakdown it will start getting louder, it can make knocks or pings as you turn it on.  Have someone come into take a look at it and then you can determine your next course.  At this point a technician can help you to decide if it is worth repairing or it is time for a brand new system.
  2. It’s getting old. While a well maintained system can last for 15 years or even longer there will come a time when it is time to replace your old unit.  As they get older you will spend more time calling in someone to repair your unit.  Newer units are far more energy efficient than the older ones, so they do pay for themselves over time.  That brings us to our next point.
  3. The energy bills are just too high. If you are starting to notice spikes in the cost of your heating or electric bills because of running your heat or air conditioning.  As your HVAC system gets older it isn’t as efficient as it used to be and it has to work harder to keep your rooms at the right temperature.  That means your furnace runs longer, costing you more money.  It may be cheaper in the long run to replace your unit rather than to spend money on electric or gas bills along with repair bills.

It goes without saying that you want your home to be comfortable any time of year, summer or winter but that starts with a working HVAC unit.  Having regular maintenance can help keep your system running smoothly.  Hire an HVAC technician to come in once or twice per year can help you to catch a problem before it gets worse.  Whether you should repair or replace will depend on the age of your system and if you are spending too much on repair bills.